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Apr 23 2013

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3 Doors Down – Away From The Sun (SuperDisc DVD)


3 Doors Down - Away From The Sun (SuperDisc DVD)

High Definition Surround Sound ConcertExperience¬†Product Information3 Doors Down Away From The Sun Live Concert from Houston Texas is a SuperMusicExperience on DVD – it is better than being in the front row!¬† Filmed inhigh-definition video and surround sound the hard-driving raw performance andon-stage energy of the band are captured unlike any concert video has ever donebefore.¬† For the first time ever you have the power to choose between twodifferent surround sound “angles” the “In The Audience”surround mix that puts you right in the middle of the concert and a specialMonster “On Stage” surround mix that puts you right in the middle ofthe band.One of America’s favorite rock bands performs the ultimate rock concert. Withover 12 million records sol and six No. 1 hits 3 Doors Down is not only themost played band on the radio but one of the hottest rock bands on tour. Andnow Monster Music puts you in the middle of the band’s hot sweatyready-to-rock fans to experience their biggest nig

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